For any inquiries regarding sponsorship and/or use of the image, invitations to events, press and television interviews, photo shoots and all public activities involving Marta, please contact:

GPS Performance SA – mrs. Anna Marconi Ravano

Chemin de Beau-Rivage 7,
CH-1006 Lausanne

Phone: 0041 (0) 21 614 34 00
Fax: 0041 (0) 21 614 34 01
E-mail: a.marconi@gps-performance.com

Fan Club

Fan Club Marta Bassino

Ufficio Turistico Comunale
via Vittorio Veneto 19
I-12011 Borgo San Dalmazzo (CN)
Phone +39 335 1626767
E-mail: fanclub@martabassino.com

Contact the Fan Club also to report malfunctions onto this website. Please do not address the Fan Club with any personal/professional inquiry to Marta


For those who wish to receive a signed card from Marta, please send your request via regular mail only. Email requests will not be processed. Kindly address your message to:

    • Fan Club Marta Bassino (Ufficio Turistico Comunale)
      via Vittorio Veneto 19
      I-12011 Borgo San Dalmazzo (CN)

Please include an envelope with a “B”-class Italian stamp for each card requested. If you reside outside Italy, you may use an IRC-International reply coupon, which you can obtain from your local post office. Remember to write your address on the envelope. If you are unable to purchase a stamp or coupon, you may include the necessary amount of euros to cover the return shipping of the autograph (please refer to the shipping fares from Italy). However, please note that the Postal Service will not accept any responsibility for potential losses.

Kindly refrain from including personal items to be signed, as we cannot guarantee their return. Marta and her team reserve the indisputable right to refuse to autograph certain content if deemed inappropriate.

Thank you for your understanding!